Ruth Joseph

Hi I’m Ruth Joseph, a Welsh /Jewish author living in Wales. Welcome to my website. You will be able to see all my books – my short stories published in various anthologies – some prize winning, the memoir which chronicled my childhood and my teenage years caring for my late mother and within the biography are details of personal
experiences which have consequently enriched my writing.


        You may not know that I have been involved in broadcasting – in fact years ago I had my own series of thirteen programmes with BBC Wales when I cooked on the radio with Molly Staffer, dealing with
‘Ant- Inflation Cookery’! Nothing changes. I have been involved in a few television programmes which were huge fun. The BBC Wales programme ‘Tidy’, dealt with old fashioned Welsh standards in the home, kitchen and entertaining and I was asked to conjure up a retro cocktail party complete with stuffed
eggs, rolled-up asparagus sandwiches and glasses of Babycham, while ‘Return to Tuscany’ featured my husband a non-cook who found his cooking inspiration in Italy. We visited a honey festival, tasted the finest wines in the area and spent time on a small-holding picking and cooking wonderful produce with the
loveliest people. Now Merv enjoys working with me making our own pickles and passata from his home- grown veggies. We both took part in ‘Bargain Hunt’ which was huge fun; Tim Wonnacot – the presenter and Liz Baker – the director, and the crew were a pleasure to meet.


       I represented Wales with another girl – Anne in, Eating with the Enemy, championing the veggie
cause. James Martin came to my home and tasted all my baking and said that I baked ‘like his Gran’ – oh joy! I cooked a Red Wine, Onion, and Chestnut Stew which persuaded even the carnivorous judges to change their minds. Sadly as we were the very first to appear, all was not perfect in the pro-kitchen and I
needed a kettle of boiling water to make my dumplings and I also didn’t realise that I could pre-prepare my lemon curd for my Hot Rasberry and Lemon Curd Sponge with custard. But the crew demolished the remainder of my food and Anne’s Welsh cakes were lovely so I was happy to see her represent Wales in the next round.


       I have also worked with the BBC, writing Digital stories – one about my late mother was broadcast during refugee week and one of my stories featured as part of the Cardiff Centenary in the Old
Library – a huge honour.


                                                Website News



Thank you all my wonderful readers for visiting my website and sending me such kind and glowing messages. It’s truly heart-warming to know that you are out there supporting me. Last year I was hugely honoured to be one of the Welsh Mums in the Hairy Bikers Programme – Mums Still Know Best and my recipes for Orchid Gateau and Asparagus and Leek Blintzes with Y Venni Cheese are included in their super cookery book. And BBC Wales honoured me with an appearance on Wales on the Menu where I cooked in a professional kitchen in an effort to get an unusual vegan dish into the Velin Vach Griffin Restaurant. The judges were hugely complimentary but they do love their animal products and felt that the dish was not sufficiently substantial for them. Nevertheless they were very complimentary and it was a fun challenge.

            As you know for the past few years I have been writing for the Jewish Chronicle and been delighted with the contact through readers. I also write regularly for Buzz magazine and thoroughly enjoy working with them.

But now I have even more news! Just before Christmas, I signed with Kyle Books to write a cookery book called Warm Bagels and Apple Strudel. Kyle Cathie – a really wonderful publisher who understands food passions and writing dreams is indeed my publishing fairy godmother. It’s due to be published in February 2012 and it will be all glorious, all colour illustrated luscious food – 150 recipes no less! My friend and co-author Simon Round – also of the Jewish Chronicle has written the Poultry and Meat chapters. I was thrilled when fabulous photographer Isobel Wield agreed to photograph the food. Check out her website, Isobel Wield Photography, together with Sonja Edridge wonderful food economist and stylist – check out her website, together with Sue Rowlands props who all understood my vision.

Together we have managed to dispel the mystique of creating strudel, of making Kreplach, creating a moist Pesach Plava filled with a heavenly lemon curd that melts in your mouth. There are challahs and bagels and chraine and exotic recipes for chicken soup – all there. We have rediscovered and re-vamped and even rescued old Jewish recipes from the past. My dear kind editor Catharine Robertson who is patience herself has recognised my vision and been soo supportive.

You can click on all the test pictures that my lovely husband Mervyn photographed at the end of each testing session often with Sarah, my daughter, who helped me with my cooking dreams. Taste our pages and look forward, like me, to the book.         


       I also enjoy speaking at writers’ events and to groups on aspects of writing, and my most thrilling moment was when I was asked to represent Wales in ‘Wales in New York Week’ and spoke at the Time Warner Exhibition every day and then at New York University with Owen Sheers, Tristan Hughes, Rachel Trezise, and other Welsh writers.


       I live at home with my wonderful husband Mervyn. My daughter Sarah with Darren have given us two gorgeous granddaughters, Jasmine Judith and Phoebe Bethan and my son Jolyon has a boutique hotel in Cardiff Bay – Jolyon’s at the Bay and also his new and glorious hotel Jolyon's at NO 10. They, together with some very special friends are my comfort and inspiration. Sadly we lost our rescue Labrador Bobbi and now Poppy a black, bouncing Labrador puppy settles occasionally next to me and rests her soft muzzle on my feet as I write.


       I’m delighted that you are visiting my pages and I always try to answer my readers so please feel happy to contact me and I will do my best to respond.